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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the life expectancy of the tubes?
Thanks to high quality tubes, and the direct-driving, low current technique used, our first clock shows no sign of wear, even though it has been powered up 24 / 7 since 2004. This far, not a single clock has been returned because of faulty tubes.

Q: I dropped the clock on the floor, can I buy spare tubes from you?
Yes, that option is available in the order section, but please be advised that replacing a tube requires soldering. We offer that service, please contact us for more details.

Q: Do the tubes get hot?
No, the light is not caused by glowing wires. The physics behind is more similar to that of a cold cathode flourescent lamp.

Q: Why are these clocks not more common?
The fact that nixie tubes are no longer being manufactured makes this an exclusive timepiece, and we can only offer a limited edition.

Q: Will the clock run on the mains voltage / frequency where I live?
If your mains voltage is 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, then it works fine. A mains socket adapter for your country is always included.

Nixie tubes